Next Fuel Inc (stock symbol NXFI) is a leading innovator and implementer of clean energy technologies.

As  a technology provider and service company we  assists owners of oil and natural gas production resources to increase the efficiency of their operations,  providing technology and technical support services. Our technology and services are all in various stages of development and include:

  • Disk filtration technology to remove suspended solids from 200 microns to as small as 5  microns in size for  the oil & gas industry, agricultural applications, food industry  and various other industrial and commercial  applications.  
  • Low Energy Input Pervaporation (LPV) Technology, targeting dissolved solids,  to clean up water used in oil and natural gas production, including Frac drilling. 
  • Technology for extracting natural gas from coal (the “Coal-to-Gas Technology” or “CTG Technology”). 
  • Carbon Dioxide to Product (CTP) Technology that targets the emerging market of carbon footprint elimination. 

Our current corporate focus is on treating produced water and frac flow–back waters in the oil and gas industry . Oil and Gas water treatment in the US is a +$18 billion per year business that is ever-increasing as more wells are brought on in the expanding shale basins throughout the country. We concentrate on identifying and acquiring or developing a portfolio of growth opportunities with compelling market values for clean energy and environmental stewardship, including collaborations with leading research institutes in the United States and other countries.

Next Fuel Integra Disk Filtration System

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”

– Benjamin Franklin